Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh Sooooophieeee...

You may not see very much of me for the next few days.

I got my first freelance job, Mom and I are going to the apartment to pack it up, and the main reason?

My 4 month old is teething.

And not just any teeth. Oh no, my daughter has to be difficult and teeth her incisors. Which, if what I read is correct, are supposed to come in last.

Way to be different Keevia!

I'm convinced my child is a vampire (haha!). She loves the dark as much as I do, she likes to lay with her head hanging upside down, and now her vampire teeth are trying t come in!

I don't know if they'll break through the surface, or if its just them moving down. They are definitely swollen and sore. It's soooo sad/funny when she bites down on something, she jumps, then bites down again, then jumps again. I just wanna hug her.

Definitely ordering some Hylands teething tablets asap.

Until then, Sophie the Giraffe and my finger are getting a workout.

Oh, PS and possibly TMI-

My nipples hurt SO badly. I think she's changed her latch while teething, and the fact that she wants to nurse about 2-3 times an hour because of the teething...Oy vey, they hurt... but it is the best feeling IN THE WORLD when she's crying, and fussing, and just generally feels bad, then she snuggles up to Momma and begins to nurse... I love it more than anything, even through the pain! I'm so glad I'm able to offer her this comfort. Off to try and find my Lanolin cream though, before they get worse!


  1. I found your blog through your column in the paper (which I enjoyed reading, by the way.) I just wanted to say: it makes me happy to see that you breastfeed and are passionate about it. I wish so much that more people would do the same. We have 4 extremely healthy kids, and I credit most of that to breastfeeding. One of my favorite moments of mothering each of my kids was the first time they stopped nursing to smile up into my face. Treasure your times with baby Keevia. :-)

  2. Oh I totally feel for little man is teething too and it's killing me! I tell my hubby quite often that I don't know if I can continue to nurse him once he has teeth. He has a hard suck to begin with...and now it's worse. Plus, he loves to move around to try to get more milk out or something. Drives me CRAZY! I'm determined to nurse him as long as possible though, so I just grit my teeth, readjust him, and wait for him to relax.


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