Wednesday, January 14, 2009



I think I have my schedule finalized. And you know what? It's pretty flippin' sweet. I have 1 class a day. Please view my schedule:

Theology 1 PM-2:15PM

Masterpieces of Christian Thought 9:25-10:45 AM
Chapel 11-12 AM
Work 1-4 PM

Theology 1PM-2:15PM

Masterpieces of Christian Thought 9:25-10:45 AM
Work 12-4 PM

Chapel 11 AM-12 Noon
Drawing 1-2:30 PM

PLUS: World Religions Independent Study

GOODNESS I love my semester!!

Stay in prayer for Carl. He's attending all his classes, yet he isn't technically registered for them. His financial information will come through any day now, and we'll know what we're doing.

Also, we tried to get the $800 we had put in to the NYC trip back, as there was NO WAY we could come up with the other $1125 that we owe. But, there's no way to get it back. So, we're going to transfer all of that money into Carl's account and then we'll only owe $165. I cried a little bit over it last night, but I know it's the right decision. We're going to take the $419 we get back from me dropping choir and go visit my MOH, Julie in Providence, RI. I think it's going to be a much better trip. We're going to be able to go to RI for almost a week on HALF of what it would cost us to go to NYC for 3 days. Plus, there's so much rehearsing that we wouldn't have time to explore the city like last time. I'm super excited about Spring break now! We just need to borrow someone's GPS device...

I still have 3 papers to write for my J-term class, one of which I hope to accomplish today! Other than that, I'm KIND of off the hook. I plan on accomplishing all three papers on my three day weekend (we get off for MLK day...which we never have before...weird) then I can concentrate on the HUGE amount of work I'll have do for Theology and MCT.

Please, PLEASE be in prayer for Julie and Noah Roberts. Their daughter, Magdalena Grace passed away yesterday morning. She was diagnosed inutero with Trisomy 18, and had survived for around 5 months. Still, her death was sort of sudden, and I can't begin to even fathom the pain that their family is going through. You can read their blog here. And learn more about Trisomy 18 here.

I've never met this family, yet my heart grieves for them. I had been reading about Magdalena for a few months now, and I cried when I found out she had died. She had such a sweet face, and looked to have the sweetest disposition. Julie and Noah truly celebrated her life. It was a beautiful life story, even though it was so tragically short.

Love ya,

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