Saturday, January 3, 2009

Go me!

Ah! Celebration! I finished Hamlet. It took me the majority of the day, but it is done!

I'm apprehensive about heading back to school tomorrow. The thought of jumping back into the drudgery of classes makes me want to cry. Plus, I need to clean the apartment, clean out the fridge, and try to organize more. We're taking back a glider (it's going to be rough, not going to lie... but it will give me a quiet place to read...which I'm very happy about), 2 bookcases and 2 green totes that are to help me store things. The apartment is about the same size as my parents house, minus 1 bedroom... but I have no storage whatsoever. Three large closets, but its hard to just stuff things in there! Plus, I have SO many books.... its insane.

We're taking Mom's van to make sure all the loot gets there... then I can bring back the Rainbow vacuum cleaner and have MUCH MUCH more room in the coat closet. That excites me. I was going to clean the office/nursery and our bedroom... but now I'll just let it lie. They cleaned them when we moved in, and I still have my regular vacuum cleaner.

Ugh... I have so much packing to do... however, Pretty Woman looks much more enticing right now...

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