Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ugh again.

I have a headache. I got up at eight something to check on the status of my 9:25 class. We had a two hour delay, which means any class before 10 is canceled. I went back to bed until 10.

For some reason though, I feel very icky and have a headache. I only had chapel at 11, then I brought Soren home and put him straight in his porta-crib. He was out before we made it halfway home from chapel. He slept till two, then took a bottle, then slept again. He didn't feel good in the least. While he was sleeping, I did dishes and two loads of laundry and cooked. I still need to vacuum and sort clothes in the bedroom. I hate hanging up clothes.

We have another two hour delay tomorrow, which doesn't effect me at all....I don't have class until 1. I'm crossing my fingers that Dr. Stepp cancels theology for all those poor, pitiful commuter students.

I think I'm going to finish watching The Mentalist, take a shower, and hit the hay!

Oh! We got our school refunds back today... Carl's is going straight back to the loan company, but mine is going towards our trip to Rhode Island! I am SO excited!!

We still need to watch Lars and the Real Girl has anyone seen it? Is it good? It's the Netflix movie we have right now, and we haven't gotten around to watching it as of it. Ho-hum!

I'm going to try and take some Winter Wonderland pictures tomorrow, and hopefully get my GPS! (Not that I could use it mind you, it's too freaking icy and snowy!)

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