Monday, January 26, 2009

GreAT day!

Man, has it been a good day!

I almost added this to the Not ME! post, but decided it deserved its very own.

First: We sold Carl's mustang today! This is a HUGE praise!!!!!!!!!!!! We've been trying to sell it since this summer. When we pulled into my parents driveway this weekend, Carl goes "I'm just going to sell it to the guy in town" well, the guy in town wasn't offering us what we wanted for it... so I said "Well, lets actively try to sell it again, and if nothing pans out from that, then we'll sell it to the guy in town."

WE GOT A PHONE CALL AN HOUR LATER! We sold it for the price we wanted. We never tried to do it actively, we just went in the house! GOD IS GOOD!

Second: I GOT MY PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Third: We sold Carl's drumset today!!! Another $520! GOD IS GREAT!!

Good day, very, very good day.

Please continue to pray for baby Harper! She's doing much better! I'll post a link on the side later!!

HAVE A GREAT rest of the monday!

1 comment:

  1. Yippee!!! I just want to do a cartwheel for you! LOL

    Wow you sold 2 big things today that is so awesome! Yes Praise HIM for He is Good and His love endures FOREVER!

    Ok girlfriend send me AF TOO pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee.... LOL


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