Friday, December 12, 2008

Driving in a Winter Wonderland...

Carl and I headed to my parents day today to... START OUR CHRISTMAS BREAK!

Actually, I have one paper left. And I failed a final, and got a C on another final, but you know what? I'm finished. I'm 99% sure I passed all my classes. This has been the hardest semester of my life, both emotionally, physically and intellectually. I am so, forever grateful that it is OVER!

It snowed in Grayson last night, but only a dusting, just enough to cover the grass. When I called my Mom in Jackson, she said they had at least 2 inches. So, we assumed it would be a wintery drive home.

It was GORGEOUS!!! I made Carl pull over and allow me to take pictures.

This was the road we had just come down!

This was just a gorgeous one I loved!!

We also put up our first Christmas tree! I promised pictures!

Finally, one of the snow from my house, and a picture of my very cold feet! I had on Crocs and VERY thin socks! I didn't think I'd be heading out in the snow!

My cold, cold feet!!

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