Monday, December 29, 2008

God moment

Wow. God works in wonderful, mysterious ways.

A few weeks ago, a friend of Carl's and mine's mother emailed us. I had commented on Tammy Nischan's blog, and she had saw it, and it led her here. After reading our journey, she felt led to email us, and did. She proceeded to share a story of pain and heartache, that touched Carl and I deeply. She and her husband have endured 3 miscarriages, and are now attempting to adopt from China. Her email was one of the most moving, beautiful things I have read. Her compassion knows no bounds. I truly believe that our conversations were a healing touch.

Carl brought up the fact that we go through everything in our lives for a reason. It's only when we go through pain and heartache that we can minister to those who are going through pain and heartache. Carl mentioned that maybe one of the reasons that Terri and Tim had their miscarriages was that they could minister to us, a heartbroken couple enduring the same thing.

Well, I just had my very own God moment. Over Christmas, my sister in law, Steph, mentioned that a girl we went to school with had recently had a miscarriage with a blighted ovum. I had known her on and off in school, and knew her husband. I added her on myspace and then read her blog. I commented on her note about the miscarriage, and invited her here. Apparently she read my blog, and then messaged me. She spoke about how thankful she was that we were going through the same emotions, the same thoughts and feelings...and that reading this, she didn't feel so alone.

Wow. I touched someone. I helped someone through a situation. My pain, my sorrow, helped someone else who is in pain, in sorrow.

The egg sac she will be naturally miscarrying has grown to eight weeks. I miscarried an 8 week baby and egg sac.

You don't get much more God led than that.

I wrote her a very, very long note, and I just pray that I can be of some assistance to her in this excruciatingly difficult experience. She has a wonderful, godly husband, and I know that he will be of great help.

On another note: The holidays were hard... but they were easier than I thought they would be. I slid down the hill by myself RIGHT before leaving to go to Carl's parents, and I was afraid that this would make it a miserable trip. I did have a miserable car ride, and it was emotionally hard. I was DREADING being around so many happy, laughing people. I was dreading being around my three week old nephew. But... once we got there, and I got stretched out... I had a wonderful holiday. I managed to sit up until 5:30 AM with Aaron (the 3 week old) so Mommy and Mamaw could get some MUCH needed sleep. I'm so thankful I was able to do so!!

Please pray for Amber and her husband Daniel as they continue through this miscarriage.
Please pray for Stephanie and her boys, as she's having a hard time, and it was a difficult first holiday season on her own, I'm sure.
Pray for me, as I believe I'm about to have my first AF after the miscarriage.

Isn't it funny how we go from being elated to NOT see blood, to terrified when we DO see blood, to praying to see blood? Oh, the TTC and miscarriage circuit we go...

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