Wednesday, December 31, 2008

*growls loudly*

My computer has a virus. I'm currently writing this on my Mom's iBook G4, as I am not allowing my computer access to the internet (it sounds as if my computer is my child, which it sort of is...). It's a very retarded "Windows Antivirus 2008." I got this virus a few years ago, but it has definitely matured some since then!

So, I did what any good geek girl would do... get online and see what other geeks do to get rid of it. I was thinking it would be some evil removal that included going into safe mode, yadda yadda... Nope, according to one website, all I would have to do is download Malwarebytes (Done! got it!), and run it, and Viola!!! It would fix the problem.

Well, that would be all fine and well if the stupid son-of-a-monkeys-uncle-virus keeps thrawting my plan! I have ran Malwarebytes for several times now, and the stupid virus keeps finding ways to shut it down or force me to restart my computer. Not cool.

Fear not, this geeky girl will thrawt the evils of Microsoft Antivirus 2008! And, if you ever get this virus, IMMEDIATELY start Ctrl-Alt-Deling any programs and processes you don't understand. Then MANUALLY disconnect the internet. I highly recommend running Spybot at all times, as this stopped it from creating stuff on my registry.

Alright, I'm off to fight the valiant battle to save my computer!

In the words of Peanut (from Jeff Dunham) - Dun dun dah!

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