Saturday, January 15, 2011

*blank stare*

A post. Right.

Hi *waves*

My house was clean yesterday. Or maybe day before yesterday. I don't remember. I steam-cleaned the kitchen floors, Carl cleaned the living room and our bedroom. I did lots of laundry. We ignored the guest bedroom. It was really spotless!

Then I cooked two meals, and now my kitchen isn't so clean.

I, apparently, judge the cleanliness of my house by the state of my kitchen. I know I have a hard time going to bed if its dirty.

I've decided to start trying to freelance again. I had a very positive, successful experience with it about this time last year. Then I quit because of the baby... but now I'm thinking I could do it again. She goes down for a pretty long nap, and goes down consistently at night. Which she wasn't doing the last time I tried.

I'm planning on starting a weekly 'check-in'. I HAVE GOT to lose weight. I want another baby, and I don't want to be 244 lbs getting pregnant. Instead of freaking out about dieting and crunching numbers, I'm going to make it all about exercise. Positive thoughts people.

That's about all, folks. Oh! I'm going to guest blog somewhere. How exciting is THAT? I'm pretty pumped! I'd love to get this little piece of space a little more notoriety... as well as just write.

Mmk. Going to go crawl in bed with my bedhog soon. Seriously, how does one 14 month old take up 3/4 of a QUEEN SIZE bed?

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