Monday, January 31, 2011

McFatty Monday - More Water, Less Carb

So. I didn't do so great this week.

I didn't do horrible. I don't think I gained (I forgot to weigh myself last week). I weighed in at 246 this morning.


Two HUNDRED and FORTY SIX pounds.


I need to lose 46 lbs. Well, no, actually I need to lose 66 lbs. But I'd be happy with 46.

If I lost 32 lbs, I'd be back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

If I lost 46 lbs, I'd be back to my pre-miscarriage weight.

If I lost 56 lbs, I'd be back to my college weight.

If I lost 66 lbs, I'd be back to high school weight.

Right now, I'd be happy with anything. I'm miserable. Not even my fat pants fit. It has to come off.

I did good with the no coke thing this week! That was a point in my favor! I didn't buy any, and I only had about 4 in the whole week. (Okay, I probably had more than that on Saturday, but... um...I don't know how many I had then.).

I did not, however, do well with the water. I'm determined to start drinking 10 16oz water bottles a day (refilled from my Brita filter thingy).

I'm cutting back to 1 carb a day. I know this won't be realistic everyday.... but if I make a conscious effort, it'll get better. My plan is this: If I plan on making pasta for dinner, I have to eat an omelette for breakfast (or yogurt, or something like that. You get the picture), and a salad for lunch. If I eat French toast for breakfast, then I have a salad for lunch, and abstain from biscuits or potatoes at dinner. Get the idea?

Now, if we start getting our own wheat berries and grinding our own flour, I may make an exception to have that once a day in addition to another carb. Don't laugh, we're considering it.

My exercise? Non existent. My hip is out which makes it hard to walk, let alone exercise. I'm getting that fixed soon.

So, my resolutions for this week.

- Keep the Coke count low. Only buy one when out and you don't have water with you. Try to cut down to 2 this week (I'm weaning myself slowly, I'm not strong enough to go cold turkey.)
- Drink water. Till my eyeballs are swimming. 10 bottles a day.
- Try and eat only 1 carb a day. I can do it!
- Get my hip feeling better and at least go on a walk with Keevia in the Ergo or Beco. Hey, carrying 22 extra pounds around a track HAS to burn my calories, right?

And... GO!

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  1. dude. you + me = same person. Down to the Coke. What is with me & Coke lately? I used to NEVER drink it & then BOOM! I started & it's a nasty habit to stop.

    I think we're going to try to head to the park this weekend & I'm planning on wearing Harry - it does count to have an extra 22 lbs on you!


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