Monday, January 24, 2011

McFatty Monday -- back at it again!

I'm so excited that Blair, from Heir to Blair is bringing back the McFatty! I loved this link-up!

So. I'm fat. No, really. I am. Heaviest I've ever been. Ever. Including while pregnant. And I hate it. Like, hate it so bad it makes me want to cry. I'm trying to change it.

What am I doing this week?
- Cutting out pop. I was good, I resisted when Mom asked if I wanted her to buy a 24 pack. We have NO COKE in our house, or at Mom's house, and I shouldn't have to leave the house again and enter into temptation until Friday.
- Drinking more water. Like, a LOT more water. You're supposed to take your body weight, divide it in half, and then consume that many ounces per day. I need to consume 120 ounces. HOLY SHIZ.
- In general eat healthier. My main goal is to vastly limit sweets and to eat a super healthy lunch (salad or veggies).
- Exercise at least once, ideally twice. I'd love to do one round of yoga and one round of Zumba this week.

So lets see if I can make it happen. I'd love to start up my exercise posts. I NEED to start them up so I'll start exercising. I got out of the shower on Saturday and stood there, examining myself and my fat in the mirror, and I was so disgusted and so upset with myself. I don't want to be a size 5. I just want to be healthy.

And I will be. I will make it. I will.

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  1. hey there..I'm happy for the mcfatty link up too!
    I totally hear you on the being healthy part..that is my goal to..I will take what ever size comes with that ;-)


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