Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One of "those" posts


I've been having some....ahem... female issues. Among other symptoms. Enough to have me convinced I was pregnant. Even though three pregnancy tests stretched along a 2 week period would tell me otherwise.

What symptoms you may ask?

Well, I didn't get my first post-partum period until Keevia was 9 months old (TO THE DAY folks). Not unusual. I'm a nursing Momma. So I had one in July, then I had one in September, October, and December. Not exactly what you would call every 28 days (or even 31, or 35...). But I kind of just went with it (like I do with most things).

My last period was December 12th. I have this handy little app on my iPod called Pink Pad that lets me keep track of periods, *ahem* maritals, and symptoms. It also tells you, according to it, when you're most fertile. Although I think that's a rather crapshoot for me, as my periods are never the same length. I digress.

So, I had severe nausea. A feeling that every time I ate something, it got stuck right above my diaphragm. I was exhausted (still am), and my sense of smell was slowly beginning to rise. Oh, and my face looked like a 15 year olds. I haven't had acne that bad in YEARS.

I took the first test when I was like a day late, according to Pink Pad. Then about 10 days later, I still had no period, so I took another one. Then, I took the third 2 weeks from the first test. All negative.

I went to the chiropractor yesterday, hopeful that she would just find SOMETHING to be causing this. I want to be pregnant (although I don't necessarily want to be pregnant right this minute), but was frustrated that my body was driving me crazy if I wasn't.

Low and behold, my 3rd Lumbar vertebrae was subluxated. What does the 3rd Lumbar Vertebrae go to you may ask? Your ovaries and other sex organs. Of course it does!

Then, my loving chiropractor, whom is a wonderful, wonderful woman, decided to try and kill me. She adjusted my diaphragm and stomach to make sure they were in the right alignment.


However, I really wish she had done this when I was in college and a singer. I can now breath SO MUCH better.

So, I still haven't started my period... But the nausea is better. I'm crossing my fingers that I start soon, and, as my beautiful baby is weaning, they become more regular. I think my emotions need a break!

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  1. Just found your blog via the AP Board on TB. Your DD is about the same age as mine and wouldn't you know that I am also a college-trained singer (opera) and even lived the Bohemian life upon the stage for about a dozen years. Anyway, I look forward to following your blog. I just got my first PPAF on NYE (great timing, eh?) and wonder how soon my cycle would regulate so I read your dates with interest...I've starting charting again and wonder how long it'll take to be fully fertile again. We are still nursing but as DD takes more solids she's nursing less and less.


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