Monday, October 5, 2009

The one where my car got clean.

My car is notoriously known for being dirty.

This is not my fault.

When I eat in my car, I take the trash out with me. When I put something in my car, it comes out with me. Unfortunately, before I was married, and since becoming married, this has not been the case.

We cleaned the car out (mostly) last summer before embarking on our honey moon... however, I do not believe that it has been THIS spotless since I got it.

And what am I doing? Sitting on my butt writing a post about it while Mom and Carl finish cleaning it.

I know, I'm selfless.

They have a vacuum, windex, upholstery cleaner, and oxiclean.

All of this was started so that we could install the carseat....

Wait, woah, I'm going to have a carseat in my car, and I'm not babysitting? Holy shiz. This means I'm having a baby. In +/- a month.

*deep cleansing breaths*

Really, I'm actually quite excited. We go tomorrow for my 36 Week appointment, where they will do the Strep B screening, as well as my first internal. I'm cited!! Then, we go off to our natural birthing class at Baby Moon. I'm excited about that too!

And best of all? I'll be riding in style in a nice, clean car.

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