Friday, October 16, 2009


My contractions only come every other day.

Case in point:

Sunday, I had timeable contractions for 2-4 hours.
Monday, nothing.
Tuesday, Timeable contractions from 5-11 (when I went to L&D to see if there was progress)
Wednesday, a few contractions here and there, especially after walking... other than that, nothing.
Thursday, Noon to Midnight, constant timeable contractions going from 7-3 minutes in length, just not extremely strong. I knocked myself out at midnight with Tylenol and Benadryl so I dunno if I had anymore.
Friday (today), nothing. I had 2 contractions after peeing like an hour ago.
Saturday (tomorrow), who knows? Baby? HA! We can hope!

In other news, Carl is going to orientation at his new job tomorrow at 10am... so be in prayer! We are SO VERY EXCITED!!!!! I'm staying with my parents, probably until I pop out this kid, because we don't want me stranded without a car for an hourish if I were to go into labor at the apartment when he was at work. It's okay, I don't have to cook much.

Yesterday was the most miserable day of my pregnancy. I was ready to quit at life. The contractions had been going on, consistently, for SO LONG, and I was sooooooo tired. My back, stomach and legs were throbbing. I felt bad, and last night I laid in bed and just seeped tears because I was so miserable. I doped myself up, slept it off, and feel much more human today. I've kept a pretty positive outlook this entire pregnancy, but I have my days (like when I had really bad constipation and thought I'd be pregnant forever). Now... It's just a waiting game. I'm ready for her to come... but she can stay in longer if she needs too! I couldn't say that yesterday -- yesterday I wanted her OUT.

Lets see what tomorrow's contractions bring... haha!

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  1. Hey chick deep breaths we are almost to the end of this journey. I know I am still ready for him to be out but I have found strength to wait (a miracle). She is gonna be a perfect bundle of joy when she comes out just like Xay will be for me. I find myself deciding that he is stubborn like his dad and I am simply doesn't want to come out because it's to cold. :-p But stay strong! God is blessing you in so many ways.


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