Saturday, October 3, 2009

I waddle more than I walk

It's official. I'm in the last month of pregnancy. In less than 5 weeks, I will be holding my baby girl. That both excites me to death, and scares the crap out of me.

I have a HUGE to-do list, and I'm pretty down about it. I spent this last week at my parents house, which was nice and relaxing, but I feel like I should have been nesting. I feel like I have SO MUCH to get done before the baby gets here...

I had a reason for being at my parents. I was making hair-bows. My Mom is a crafter/quilter, and had a craft festival in Paintsville, KY this weekend. The hairbows I'd made for the Honey Festival did pretty well... So I made up another 50ish for this festival.

I. sold. five. yesterday.

It was a very depressing experience. It didn't help that there were at LEAST 8 hairbow booths in this festival, and under the same tent, on the SAME SIDE AS ME, was a booth with GORGEOUS bows. I normally think mine are prettier than most others (and they really are) but not this girls. Hers were absolutely gorgeous. *I* even bought off of her (not any bows mind you, just a pillowcase dress and headband for when baby is tiny). Now I feel like the last week was such a huge waste of time, when I should have been cleaning and taking care of my husband (who had to work 6 days in a row, more about that later). I just feel guilty.

Carl has been working at Liquor World for over a month now. He asked for Monday's off so that A) I could schedule my weekly appointments on those days. B) After Keevia comes, we could go visit his parents or my parents easier. His manager has it out for him, because Carl is a responsible adult, and makes more than his manager does (because his manager's child support payments get taken out of his check). Not only does he NOT have Mondays off, but he also didn't get ANY days off this past week. I felt horrible leaving him, but he said he'd feel better with me staying with my parents, and not being alone 8-9 hours a day.

So, I got pissed off when he called me on Saturday from his lunch break and told me about it. I got online and started filling out applications for him.

Monday, Lowe's in Winchester called and said he had an interview on Tuesday. He got the job, and now we're just waiting for a phone call from his drug test. I KNOW they said he had the job... but I so want that phone call to come NOW. He would make more money per hour, he would work fewer hours, and it would be better hours for us.

So... now we're just praying hard and harder. We'd appreciate if you would pray too!

DIY Maternity pictures to come. I know, you're excited.

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