Thursday, October 22, 2009

38 Week Appointment

Ah, yes.

Apparently my daughter gets really excited over the prospect of seeing her midwife. So she always triggers her home, my ute, to have contractions from that morning!

Well, as we pulled into the hospital parking lot yesterday, I was having stronger contractions! I could feel them in my back, and then I'd touch my belly and it'd be rock hard. Also, they kind of hurt... I was excited! I know that sounds weird, but none of my contractions had hurt at all as of yet.

So... we go in, I weighed fine, my fundal height was fine, my blood pressure was up JUST a little bit (it's still low comparatively, it's just up for me, they aren't concerned), her HB was 145.

Then, Melissa (my midwife) comes in. I tell her (excitedly!) that I'm having 7-10 minute PAINFUL contractions. She then asks me if I want my membranes stripped.

After discussing the risk and stuff (I learned recently that I'm Group B Strep + which means I have to have antibiotics every 4 hours in delivery. Not a huge deal, but I'd read online that stripping the membranes if you're GBS+ wasn't good. I decided to trust her though, she said it was fine) we decided to go with it.

So, she started off doing the internal (no change from last week, still 4cms and 70% effaced) and then (with me gripping Carl's arm like it was a life raft) she stripped my membranes.

It wasn't unbearable, and to be quite honest, the internals I had in Labor and Delivery last week hurt worse than the stripping of my membranes. But it did still hurt, like a cuss word.

SO... the cramping as soon as she was done was INTENSE. We dropped Carl off at my sister's house to nap (he'd been up since 2:30 am, and it was now 4pm) and then Mom and I went to walk and shop some. My contractions continually got stronger -- I even had trouble walking through some! I was like "Okay! This is IT!" Once we had some Ice Cream, we got some coffee and headed to my sisters house.

Where my contractions basically stopped.

So we headed back to our apartment, I took a long bath, and then climbed in bed. It took me an hour or so to fall asleep, because I WAS still having contractions... just not horrifically strong ones. I figured I'd sleep some, and if this was the real deal, they'd wake me up.

It wasn't the real deal.

So, we wait. Carl, my Mom and I are going to head back to Lexington in a few to try and visit Carl's aunt who's in the hospital there, then Mom and I have an errand or two to run in Lexington, then back to Jackson to await Keevia's arrival.

Really kiddo, Momma gave you your eviction notice last night. Why are you so stubborn?

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