Thursday, October 15, 2009

A letter

Dear Uterus,

I am writing to implore why you and I are no longer friends. We have spent 37 weeks getting along marvelously! I realize that you started this pregnancy much smaller... and that I've forced you to stretch to over 1,000 times your natural size... but still, that's no reason to renege on our friendship.

My issue doesn't lie in the fact that you're contracting. On the contrary, I'm quite ready to meet my daughter. I just want to know why you have spent 37 weeks taking after my Grama O's pregnancies, and getting my hopes up, that when it comes time to deliver, you revert back to my Mom.

Mom was in labor from Sunday until Thursday with me. Constant contractions, getting stronger around 7pm every night, and then lessening around 11 pm. I was so convinced that my labor was going to take after Grama C, and I'd go into labor, and bam! have a baby in 12 hours (with her first, 8 or 6 with her second and third). But noooo. I have been contracting since LAST Monday. And since Tuesday, I've been having regular contractions, that get strong at 7 pm and LESSEN AT 11 PM. Why uterus? WHY?

I wouldn't care to wait to my due date if the contractions stopped. I just want them to either stop, or get on with it and DO SOMETHING.

So uterus, I implore you. Please either get your act together and get this baby outta me, or calm the beep down and relax for the next week or so. Mmkay?


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  1. Well you do have 3 weeks left.. you have time, you could still have a fast delivery, your uterus could just be getting everything ready to make it a quick delivery!


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