Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm in Labor and Delivery!

I had my 39 week appointment yesterday. I was 5 cms dilated and 70% effaced. So we had had SOME progress. Melissa (my midwife) stripped my membranes again, and off we went. We pretty much went straight back to the apartment, after walking just a little bit. On the car-ride to our apartment, they got about 3 minutes apart and HURT. I honestly thought we'd be turning around and going back to the hospital. However, once we got to the apartment, they slacked off some.

So, I chilled. They kept up somewhat, varying in intensity... I went and took a bath around 11pm-midnight, and they kept up during and after -- they've never done that before!! Usually when I shower or bath, they slow or stop.

So, I put some towels under me (in case my water broke) and I settled on the recliner, trying to doze some (I settled around 1). I dozed on and off until 3, when Carl had to leave for work. I'd been having contractions, but they weren't unbearable, so Mom (who was staying with me on the couch) and I moved to our bed.

I woke up when Carl called me at 9:20, freaking out. I told him I'd been asleep, and I wasn't having contractions. I laid in bed and counted 3 contractions while I cursed the Bob-o-white outside my window that was waking me up.

So, I got up, and started moving around. Everytime I would move (sit down, shift my weight, stand) I would get crampy and contract... but if I didn't move, I didn't feel anything. Carl got off at 10:30, and then Mom and I started cleaning (okay, she cleaned, I directed).

So... I went to pee at some point (don't read this paragraph if you gross out easily). I had a big bunch of mucuousy-brown bloodiness. I called for Mom, she looked at it and said it looked normal. I'm super glad she was there, or I could have FREAKED. It looked too much like my miscarriage. I had it again a few minutes later, and then more stuff that looked like the mucous plug again.

Around 1, my contractions weren't regular, and I just had menstrual cramp feelings. So, Mom and I just decided to head out to Target, and then home to Jackson from there if nothing started.

I started timing them on the way to Target, and they were 4-8 minutes apart, but not really strong. As we walked around Target, I decided that I would just call my Midwife, and see if she thought we should stay in Richmond. I described all my symptoms, and she said to come on in to the hospital to be checked.

Got here, got hooked up, and got checked. Contractions were 3-7 minutes apart, and I was a "good 6"! Effacement was the same. So, they decided to keep me!

I have to have antibiotics every 4 hours because of Group B Strep, but they saline-lock it after that. Once I have the dose I have going right now, then they'll be open to breaking my water. I plan on waiting til morning!

Nothing's been bad so far, except when they tried to start my IV. That hurt. A LOT.

Other than that, we're doing great! I'm getting ready to get back on the birthing ball, and eat some grapes and drink some more water! Wish us luck, hopefully I'll be posting baby pictures soon!

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  1. Yeahhhhhhhh so excited for you... Can't wait to see your lil girl!


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