Sunday, February 14, 2010

BLANK! In the name of loooooooooove....

Today was a really fun day. I woke up this morning to my beautiful daughter stroking my face with her tiny little hand. As soon as I opened my eyes and saw her, she broke into the biggest grin. This grin immediately dissolved into her little "Uh. Uh. UH. UH!" which, in Keevie talk, means "FEED ME NOW WOMAN I'M STARVING." So I did.

I got her dressed in an ADORABLE outfit that Carl and I picked out last Valentines day. I don't believe we knew we were pregnant, but we bought it on sale for like a dollar. I swear y'all, a picture post is coming. We went to church, and Keevia did really well. I fed her there, and then we headed to Wal-mart to purchase her first Valentines stuffed animal.

Apparently that meal in church was laced with MSG, because she started melting down when we hit Wal-mart. Carl and I got in, got the stuff to make Oreo truffles, her stuffed animal, and headed out. We were going to grab something in town, but the intensity of her screams was too much for us to handle, so we headed home.

Once we got home, I was able to nurse her down for a nap, and then I managed to fry some pork chops and make rice and macaroni and cheese. Totally unhealthy, but filling and quick. Keevs woke up shortly after I began making the Oreo Truffles, and fussed and screamed for approximately two hours. She was super gassy, and seemed to just feel rotten. I felt like a HORRIBLE mother for eating the Chinese last night, but then again, how was I to know that it would bother all of us so much? That's the only real negative about breastfeeding from me. I can screw up her belly by making one mistake, and it's all trial and error.

I managed to get the Truffles done (with my Mom's help) and Keevs back down for a nap around 3:30ish. I then relaxed a little bit until it was time to head back to church (we had a Valentines Sweets party). I felt like a horrible Momma for waking my napping baby up, and lemme tell you, she was NOT in a good mood to start out with... but that got better quickly!

We went to church, pigged out on way too many good desserts, discussed Broadway plays/artists, found out that the $37.50 I spent on food last night is totally uncommon at that restaurant, which doesn't really matter because we can't eat MSG anyway... then Carl had to leave (we'd driven two cars) to fill up the car with gas, and visit his friend, and I stayed at the church.

I had a BLAST. We played three easy little games, but it was just so entertaining! Keevia did wonderfully. She sat up like a big girl in my lap and just stared all around. I was really reminded of how much she's grown today when a little two week old baby girl made her first appearance at church. She was actually born 10 ounces bigger than Keevs and she just seems SO tiny! It's hard to believe, already, that Keevie is getting that big!

I brought the wee one home, dunked her in the bath, and she pretty much passed out. She woke up after about thirty minutes though and had to snuggle and play a little, then dropped back off to sleep.

I got totally used to not having to get up at 3:30 am these last two nights, and I'm dreading having to do it tonight. My poor husband has to get up at that time to go to work every morning. If you would, could you please keep him in your prayers? He put in for a full time position on Friday, and if he receives it, we would get more hours, I could budget much easier, and best of all, he wouldn't have to be there until nine am!!!

Alright, if you made it this far the longest ramble post ever, you deserve like five billion imaginary points. I don't even know why I'm rambling so much, except for the fact that I'm tired and hungry. And yet I just keep typing. Odd. Alright, going to bed now. Hope y'all have a good night!

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