Thursday, February 11, 2010


That blog makeover took it out of me! And apparently it took it out of Keevia too, who slept SEVEN HOURS last night in her baby bed. I love my kid!

Yesterday I managed to make it to the shop and work some. My Momma owns her own quilt shop, and makes crafts and things. She also takes in tops that people have made and charges a fee to quilt them. This is where I come in. Now that we're here full time, I can help out in the shop and bring in some extra money. I worked an hour yesterday and made $25!

Today, my good mommy friend Jonneatha came over, and we hung out while I quilted. I started out making some straps for future mei tais and SSC's, then switched to a king size quilt.

King size quilts are biiiiiiig.

Keevia took a short cat nap on my back in her mei tai, but mostly she flirted with Xay. It was the cutest thing EVER. We would stand, holding them so they faced, and she would just jabber and squeal at him. His eyes would just get really big, and then bigger. He did play footsie with her though, her Daddy's going to have to watch her! She's going to be the biggest flirt!

I always think she's so big, but then when she gets around boys she seems to LITTLE! She's very petite!

I'm really going to try and take pictures more frequently. I was doing really well, but the last two weeks I've taken pictures twice. That does not make Mommy happy.

Tomorrow, fingers crossed, we're going to the movies. I'm really, REALLY looking forward to it, and I'm praying ti works out!

Oh, and Carl has 30 hours so far this week and he works tomorrow as well! WOOHOO! Big improvement from scraping by with 21 hours!

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