Monday, February 22, 2010


Keevia has developed this new little habit that I think is just darling.

Whenever she nurses (which is a LOT now that she's over the thrush), she rubs my breast like normal, but this past week or so she's started doing something else.

She gently rubs her feet together the entire time she nurses. It's adorable. She looks just like a little cricket, and in fact, has earned herself a new nickname.

I cannot believe that she is fast approaching 4 months. It's so funny to see how much they grow and mature. When she was born and she nursed, she would often fall asleep, which is common I know. Then, about a month ago, she started moving whichever arm was on top, either punching my breast, or just stroking it... and now she's moving her feet constantly. And she gets very upset sometimes if her feet aren't bare. She's definitely her Momma's child.

None of us have felt well today, and so she's been slightly cranky. We hadn't really had any screaming in quite some time... but boy did she scream today! She didn't nap well all morning, and then when she did go down it was with a fight. Then, this evening, I was attempting to move her bedtime later, and she wasn't a fan. haha!

Why am I moving her bedtime later, you may ask? Because my Hubs got a FULL TIME POSITION TODAY! He starts at 9 am and will work until 6pm every day. This means he won't get home until around 6:30. Keevia was going down around 8, so I'm trying to move that back to around 9 so that Daddy can see her more. She and I took a shower at 8:30 tonight, and she had a complete meltdown afterwards. I felt so bad because she was SO happy in the shower! She even latched in there, and just looked up at me like "Ahh... Mommy, this is heaven!" I felt so bad when she had such a meltdown later.

Speaking of bed, I think I'm going to join her soon. No more getting up at 3:30 am for me! I get to sleep until 7 am, wake up with my Hubs, fix him breakfast, pack him a lunch, and not be worn out anymore. Yay!

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