Saturday, February 6, 2010

I heart turkey skin

I really do. You know, when a nice, plump, juicy turkey comes out of the oven and you can't help it but pull off a bite of that golden, delicious, crunchy skin? Mmmmmmmmm.

We fixed a 19lb turkey today for dinner. My grandmother had bought it for her Christmas dinner, but due to power outages, had brought it to our house and didn't want it back. It's worked out well though, because we have a potluck at church in the morning, so we're taking the extra, oh, 12-14 lbs we didn't eat!

But seriously. Is there anything better than crispy turkey skin?

Quite possibly the brownies I also made.

I've brought brownies to like, the last 3 potlucks. But, we didn't find out about the potluck until today (shows US for not going to church last week), and it is cold, and rainy, and nasty, and gross outside. So, the Momma and I decided we were just going to use whatever we had lying around the house. Unfortunately, that was brownies.

So, I got on MckMama's forum and asked for ideas on how to kick my brownies up a notch. I got some WONDERFUL responses. I ended up going with KeeslerMom's choice. I baked them just like you would normally bake brownies, but I pulled them out a little early, and then spread semi-sweet chocolate chips and marshmellows on top, then put them back in until the marshmallows were golden. They may or may not be AMAZING.

Keevie usually goes down for bed around 8-9. Around 7ish she was seeming tired, so her Daddy and I bathed her. Normally she goes down fine after that. Well, she did, but then Grama started cleaning the kitchen, and BING! She was awake.

I got her BACK down around 10. Lasted maybe 5 minutes. So, I put her in her pouch sling and went about making brownies. Carl had to stir for me, but she fell back asleep. I kept her in there until the first batch were done, then I lifted her out and put her in her co-sleeper, and so far... so good. She's been down about an hour.

I'm currently waiting for the brownie pans to be cool enough for me to put plastic wrap on them and GO TO BED. I'm wore out!

Before I could post this... she was up. AGAIN. This time though, it was because I'm a horrible Mommy. I laid her down between batches of brownies, and I assumed she would staying lying down for oh, 2 minutes. Well, I forgot that I didn't cover her up, so when I went in there to her crying and picked her up, she was cold. Yeah, I feel like a crap mom. So now she's back down, with covers, and I'm about to follow her. The brownies are done, the kitchen is clean, my babies in bed, and yet again, my hair is dirty, and will be for church in the morning.

I got up 2 weeks ago and took a shower, washed and blew out my hair. I went to church, and my preacher's wife commented on my hair cut. I haven't had a hair cut since Keevia was born, but I actually FIXED my hair for the first Sunday, um, ever? Tomorrow, my hair shall be up, and greasy, and nasty, and I won't care, because I have the CUTEST navy smocked outfit laid out for Keevs to wear.

So funny how our priorities change!

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  1. *sighs* You would ask me to try and do that all over again! Nope. I will not. I will give you the links though.

    Nav bar =

    scroll box (this one will looked like it's messed up when in internet explorer but it does work)=

    Now I might be able to help if you run into any issues....but I can't promise anything though because I felt like running my head into the desk several times while figuring it out.

    What does your mom think is wrong with the van? I know ours died and we sold it. Never had key problems just engine problems.

    And a play date for the kids sounds great. Just call me, txt me, message me or something and we will work it out.


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