Tuesday, February 16, 2010

McFatty MondayTuesday! Week 7!

I still weigh 226.

I officially hate myself. Okay, not really. But I'm fed up with myself. I think a lot of it is the fact that I stay home with the baby a lot... and if I'm just sitting around, I eat. I went to "work" with Mom (for those of you who don't know, my Mom owns a quilt shop next door to our house) 2 days last week, and that really helped. I ate drastically less throughout the day because I was up, on my feet, working. I got some exercise in that way as well. YOU try strapping a 13 lb baby to your back and then walking up and down this little tract while you quilt. It works muscles, lemme tell you.

But, I didn't use the exercise machine. I didn't do the Shred.

I did go to our Valentines day sweets party, and with each bite I took, I cursed myself a little, BUT I KEPT EATING. These aren't healthy eating habits y'all.

I thought that being accountable to someone, or many someones, would help me. Obviously it has not. So, I decided to do Blairs trick, of taking pictures.

Now then. These were taken today, not 7 weeks ago. I HAVE lost inches since then, but NO weight. I would LIKE to be 180. I would LIKE to be a size ten. I'm currently a size 16/18. Ignore the facial expression. Mom's cats were fighting on the back of the couch right about the time this snapped.

That's another thing I think that's hindering my weight loss. We're living with my Mom. Fast recap for those of you who only read my blog for McFatty Mondays. My husband and I (and daughter) are living with my parents while we try to move out our stuff from an apartment an hour and a half away. We're in the process of purchasing a manufactured home, and moving it onto their property. It's a very, VERY long process and pretty stressful. The stress isn't helping, I'm sure, but mainly its the fact that my Momma buys food SO MUCH BETTER than the food I buy, so its all there, and its tempting to eat.

BUT, I'm not going to focus on the negative. I'm choosing the focus on the positive.

- I have eradicated Pop from my diet EXCEPT when we go out to eat (which is rare). Give me a little time, and this will be eradicated as well.

- I have drank SO much more water this week. I'm having to pee a TON, but its worth it.

- I DID THE SHRED TODAY. Let me pause for a moment to speak about this...

HOLY SHIZNIT THAT WAS HORRIBLE!!!!!!! I only did 8 mins and 18 seconds (thank you darling daughter for waking up from your nap and needing to eat. You saved poor Momma), and honestly, I think that was enough. I can barely lift my arms, and lifting my daughter is a struggle. I can barely walk to the swing to get a toy. I AM GOING TO DIE. I think I'm going to change it to the like, 90 day shred or something. I don't need FAST results, I need long lasting ones, and with my fibro, I need to not do damage that would make it HARDER for me to work out.

But. I DID IT. I got off my fat rear and DID it. There is hope!

So, goals:

No more emotional eating this week.
No more sweets.
More water.
Don't eat out.



  1. You are my hero! haha I couldn't cut pop out of my diet if I wanted to. Well maybe I could but not with them buying it. I think that everything will change when spring gets here and I can actually get out and be active. But when I am home I am either at the computer or in bed and always snacking on something.

  2. Good Luck this can do it!!


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