Monday, February 8, 2010

McFatty Monday Week 6!

Alright. So, the scale reads 226.

HOWEVER. My size 20 pants are now falling off my rear, and the belt that I had been using for the past several weeks to hold them up, which I couldn't use all the holes on, IS NOW TO BIG TOO!! WOOT WOOT!

I have my former "fat" pants which are now my "skinny" pants that I need to try on again. If all works out with my Mom's van, I'll get them on Friday and see if I can shimmy into them.

I did pretty well for lunch today. I had a spinach, coleslaw, carrot, and broccoli salad with a little ranch dressing and 1 corn tortilla crumbled on top. I did, however, have a Dr. Pepper with it *insert disapproving face here*.

Once the 2 remaining pops are out of the fridge though, that is it. No more.

And, I am cracking open Jillian Michael's TOMORROW. NO MORE EXCUSES. We will fight, she will kick my butt, and I will lose weight. End of discussion.

I WILL lose weight this week, even if its a freaking pound.

Oh, and I'm spotting some, so maybe I'm retaining some water? AF still hasn't raised her ugly head... so I don't know if its her, or just spotting. We'll see.

- Lose at LEAST 1 pound.
- Crack open Jillian Michaels
- Use the bicycle 4 times
- Give up pop (again)

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  1. Hi! Me again. I emailed you back, did you get it? I was just wondering if maybe it went to your spam?

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