Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I feel blue. I feel frazzled. I feel disheartened.

And I don't know why.

Thus far it's been a pretty good week. Carl and I have been able to just decompress and spend some much needed couple time together.

But I'm not getting things accomplished like I would like. I'm supposed to be organizing, packing, etc.

Part of this could be because of the fact that my husband has yet to bring all the stuff I need in from the car, when we got here on SUNDAY and its now WEDNESDAY (almost Thursday!). It's hard for me to organize baby clothes when they're in the car.

So tomorrow, I have a to-do list. What's that? You want to see it, and all my analness? Well.. if you insist.

- Store all baby clothes in their appropriate totes (6-9 or 9months
- Continue scouring apartment for 3-6 month clothes
- Find all blankets, bibs, birth cloths, socks, shoes, etc baby will need in foreseeable future
- Find Dad's art books
- Make sure all the swing pieces parts are with the swing
- Go through all my clothes and Carl's clothes and pick out what needs to go/stay
- Find all of Keevia's toys and put them together to go back to Jackson
- Decide which DVD's are going/staying
- Find a quilt to wrap around Carl's first child TV for the ride to Jackson
- Clean out freezer and take stuff home to Mom
- Clean Kitchen, take out trash
- Clean bedroom so I don't cry when we come back
- Get computer stuff to take back to Jackson

All in all, its not that hard, and Carl and I do plan on sitting down and going through the list tomorrow, minus the TV thing and the freezer thing. It's just tiring, and I'm tired. And I don't know why. Other than this morning, Keevia was in a wonderful mood all week. And she just got overtired this morning. I'm in a funk and I don't know why. I think I'm just ready. Ready to be out of this apartment, ready to really start on our own. Just... ready.

Okay, now that I've been depressing. I'm going to go get ready for bed, have a small glass of wine *gasp* and then go curl up in bed with my babies.

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  1. ...You....drink wine? *blinks* Really? Wow. But it's so nasty!?


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