Monday, February 8, 2010

Oy vey (my day).

I am tired.

Today has been...interesting? I'm doing bullet points because my head is exploding from tiredness.

- Carl started his new job - LOVES it. I'm so glad! It's a shorter commute, and he gets more hours. He went on deliveries today which he really enjoys. I think he worked 10ish hours today and he still has 4 days to go to work this week. YAY!

- I spent the majority of the day trying to call the chiropractor and trying to start Mom's van. For some reason the ignition switch went out. We were waiting for it to get above freezing to make sure that it wasn't just frozen up. It wasn't. We ended up calling our mechanic to come and get it. HOPEFULLY it'll be ready tomorrow!

- Got a hold of the chiropractor and got appointments for Mom and me.

- Found out that one of my loan payments started already, and I'm a month overdue. Had to make a trip to the good ole savings account to pay for it.

- FINALLY mailed my rent check which was due on the first.

- We have a mouse in our house (or possibly two). Now, this mouse is on a suicide mission, as we also have 6 cats in our house. Several days ago (before we got back to Mom's), the mouse ran under Mom's chair. Today, I was nussing the baby, and I felt something tickle my fat roll. I assumed it was just an itch or something. A few minutes later I felt something RUB against my leg. I looked down, and Keevies leg was NO WHERE NEAR where I had felt something rub my leg. I didn't freak, and I'm quite proud of myself. I merely scooped the baby up and removed myself from the chair posthaste. The cats stalked under the chair for quite some time after that.

- I realized, after about hour 3 of fussybabyness that I had stupidly eaten some Lil'Smokies SAUSAGES yesterday. THEY ARE STILL SAUSAGES SHAINA!!!

- Went to the chiropractor with Mom. Her pelvis was out, my L4 was out. We got out to the car and I bumped the top of Keevie's head against the roof of the car (I hate that car), and she FREAKED OUT. So, we took her back in to Doc's and she checked her out. SO glad we did because Keevs pelvis AND sacrum were out.

- Had a screaming baby for 25 minutes in the car while Mom got groceries. It. Was. Miserable. I felt so bad because she was hungry but wouldn't nurse and she was SO over tired. We got home and she got much, much better.

- Am so thankful that my sweet baby is now sound asleep, and I may be able to take a shower before she wakes up.

- Now that I'm back in alignment, am doing Jillian Michaels tomorrow, come hell or high water.

- Am going to finish watching "The Big Bang Theory"now, so I can actually hear the jokes!

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