Thursday, February 24, 2011


I actually have gotten quite a few things done the last two days. More than seems normal for me! Ha!

I got all my paperwork in to work at the school. I'm excited that this means more income, and I'm so depressed because I have to leave my girl. THANKFULLY we live beside my parents and Mamaw can watch her. I know she'll be in excellent hands!

I got my taxes filed! Dear Government... Please hold off on all "Stops" until they go through. Then you may continue as needed. Thank you.

Ordered new checks. My pretty checks of the past are no more... I ordered plain ugly blue ones. :(

Nothing REAL exciting. I've been reading a little more. We may make a trip to try on Kelty Baby Carriers for Carl tomorrow or Saturday. We'd planned on going to Carl's parents, but 2 out of 3 children there have the flu. So...

Pointless post. Just me saying I'm excited to have paperwork done!

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