Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Whole Blog About Nothing

It has been a crazy weekend. Like, mondo crazy. My mind is blown by how tired I am, but I wanted to beseech all my readers (49 official followers! WOW!) to please be in prayer over the situation.

On Thursday, I received a scary phone call from my sister-in-law. My father-in-law was headed to a hospital in Kingsport, TN after having some tests done. He has pulmonary embolisms (blood clots in his lungs) and needed to receive medication and have further tests done. He's having his biggest (and scariest) test done tomorrow. Due to the families wishes, I won't go into details, but I would love it if you would all pray many, many prayers over him. And, at 9 in the morning, if you think about it, I'd love for you to pray for him then! That's when the test is scheduled to take place.

It was around 1 or 2 in the afternoon when we received the phone call that he was heading to the hospital. My husband left work (with permission) and came on home. We were unsure about if we'd be traveling to Kingsport (a 3 hour trip) that evening or the next day... or what really. I ran to town, dropped off some books with Amazon's Buy Back program, and attempted to get my TB test for my school physical read. Then I came home and packed. After talking with the in-laws, we played the "wait-and-see" approach. I ended up cooking around 4-5 pm, and while doing so, ended up giving myself and Carl 2nd degree burns on our faces. I was frying a steak in olive oil and butter (too much butter...) and I accidentally DROPPED the steak in, causing the BURNING HOT OIL to splatter both me and Carl. He has one burn RIGHT in the corner of his eye. I have one on my nose, one in between my eye brows, and one over top of my right eyebrow. I can't look any worse than I did in July though, when I had poison oak, so I don't sweat it.

We finally headed out around noon on Friday. Later than I would have liked to have left, but we were trying to see what the doctors said. We got to the hospital around 3:30 (after a few mis-directions... but we made it just fine!), and spent some time with Nudder'Papaw. We tried to keep Keevia up off the floor as much as possible to limit her germ exposure, but she had fun climbing all over Mamaw and Papaw, and being doted on as the only available grandchild (she normally vies for their attention against her three first cousins). We went out to eat with my mother-in-law that evening around 6-7 (I don't remember) so she could show us how to get to the street with the eats (since we didn't come in the right way, lol). We had Pratt's Barbeque, which was pretty decent! Once we dropped her back off at the hospital at 9, we trekked 2 hours back to Carl's grandparents house. I got to cross Black Mountain (the highest mountain in Kentucky!) at 11 pm at night!

It became quickly apparent, during that night-time trip, that a portable DVD player must be acquired soon. Keevia does FINE in the car during the day. She naps well, she coos and talks to us (she's still rear-facing). She "reads" her books. She does fine. But when the darkness falls across the land... yeah, not so much. She does NOT want to go to sleep usually (no matter her level of tiredness). If she does go to sleep, she doesn't stay asleep. And if she's awake, she's screaming bloody murder. Even if someone sits in the back with her... UNLESS you have the iPod touch with Wiggles podcasts. Then she's fine. But those podcasts are only about 4 minutes long. And I can only watch the same one 50 times before I'm begging for another option. So, with some of that Amazon Buyback credit, I have a feeling Keevs is going to get a DVD player.

We stayed the night at the inlaws (finishing season six of Greys Anatomy on Netflix that we started LAST weekend there...), and then got up and went back to the hospital. We stayed an hour or so, and then, in an effort to distract her, I got my mother-in-law out of the hospital and went shopping at TJ Maxx and K-mart. I got a pair of dress pants at TJ Maxx for $5. I could not be happier. I desperately needed them for when I start subbing. I seriously have no clothes that fit right now, and as I plan on not being this size much longer, I don't want to buy an extensive wardrobe to fit my size *gulp* 18/20 frame. But I can fit $5 in my budget. I also scored a pair of $5 pants at K-Mart! But these are lounge pants, not dress ones.

Nudder'Mamaw also got Keevia the CUTEST TUTU IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. It's a size 6, so it should fit for a while. I put her in it in the store to just see what it looked like, and she was ADORABLE toddling around in it.

Keevs fell asleep on the ride back to the hospital, so I called Carl down to the van, and we started home around 6pm. We ate at Zaxby's (yuuuuuuum) before heading out, and I was stupid and didn't get a coffee at Starbucks. I regretted that the eeeeeentire way to Norton when Carl had me take over driving just out of the Kingsport city limits!

We went for very, very depressing reasons, but Carl and I still had an enjoyable weekend. We love spending time with our family, I just wish it hadn't been in a hospital room. We discovered "Pal's" restaurant, and drank way too many Route 44's.

We stopped at the Wise/Norton Wal-mart on our way back home, and changed Keevia's poopy diaper. I went ahead and put her in PJ's on the (very) off chance that she'd fall asleep and stay asleep. I changed her in the family restroom, and somehow, I left her totally adorable pink penguin Robeez there. I called this morning, but no luck. Y'all, I cannot begin to describe how upset I am over this. I have NO idea how I did it. It literally makes my heart hurt, because I planned on daughter #2 wearing them as well. I love Robeez.

This is a big post of nothing, I know. Please be in prayer for my father-in-law, and for our entire family. Pray for peace through whatever the test holds tomorrow. Pray for guidance, and pray for wisdom for all of us. But mainly, pray that the test comes back clean, and that the blood clots dissolve quickly and safely!

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