Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Apparently, I could be a good criminal.

I'm in the process of becoming a Substitute teacher at the school I graduated from. I was home-schooled from birth until I was a Junior in high school. In order to be able to take free college classes, and to make getting into college a little easier (diploma vs. a home made diploma), I decided to go to a small local school for the last two years. We'll touch more on that experience later. :)

In order to become a sub, I have to undergo an FBI back ground check. You know, because it's not like I haven't lived in the same town for 23 years (minus college). It's not like everyone doesn't know me, my mom, or my grandfather. But whatever, I understand it's the rules.

So I paid the hefty little fee, and went down to the police office to get my fingers printed. After some kind bad twisty finger pain (it sucks to be tall. Very much sucks), I took the prints back to the school office and went on my merry way.

I get a phone call a few days later saying I need to be re-printed. Okay. No problem.

On Friday Mom kept Keevia so I could clean Doc's office and once it was done, I went to run more errands. So I went up to the office and got another card, then went back to get printed.

Half way through the first hand, it becomes apparent that I'm not leaving good prints. The entire middle part of each finger is blank. So, they tell me to go get another card. Nay, two more cards "just in case".

So I do so. Then I was my hands as SOON as I get in there, so they're all clean.

Card #2 of the day, #3 overall... And my fingers are still smudging. By this time I'm on my 3rd cop.

All in all, it took both cards to get decent prints. But the prints aren't on the same card. So we sent both cards, and I'm crossing my fingers they accept one of them.

Apparently I have oily finger tips (which, included with how much paper I handle from reading) means I leave really craptastic finger prints.

I'd be the perfect criminal!

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  1. Well, before you go to commit a crime make sure you delet this!


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