Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thank Heaven for Baby Carriers!

I have a sick baby. Not like super bad, but she has a slight cold. She just generally doesn't feel good and has a runny nose.

We went to Wal-mart this afternoon (the biggun, not the littleun), and Keevia had only napped about 30 minutes the whole day, so I knew it had the possibility of being a disaster, so I threw my Beco in the cart. THANK HEAVENS. She stayed in the cart about 20 minutes, and then she was done. She wanted down, but she was so tired I knew she'd be flopping everywhere and might get hurt... so I asked her if she wanted to go on my back, and she said yes (P.S. If you do sign language and babywear, what sign do you teach for being worn?). So I threw her up on my back.

She never fussed again. We were probably in the store for oh, I don't know, another hour or two, and she just hung out on my back, snuggled against me. She never did go to sleep, but was just content snuggling with me.

Plus, in the check-out line, a lady in line behind me goes "Can I ask where you got that carrier?" I SERIOUSLY need to make up business cards with my preferred brands of carriers! I told her Beco and recommended Ergo as well.

A plus of this trip, she actually didn't do her flop backwards thing. So I'm hoping maybe she's growing out of that stage? I have a Boba carrier on the way to me (yaaaaaaay!) for the entire reason of it was supposed to be "taller" than the Boba or the Ergo. You can guarantee that I'll have a post up soon as a review, and then maybe a comparison between my Beco Butterfly 1, Ergo Original and then the Boba 2g!

But seriously. Thank HEAVEN for baby carriers. It could have been a disaster of a trip, but she just snuggled in without a fuss! Makes my life so much easier!

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