Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chiropractor, take two

I took Keevia to the Chiropractor yesterday, and after having her T5 and her occipital adjusted she feels SO much better. She literally is a different child.

I sit back and think about how if people just took their babies to chiropractors more often, the number of babies who had to undergo radical treatments might just be lowered. Yet everyone looks at me like I'm crazy when I take her to the chiropractor. Seriously. I have the best natured child in the world when everything is in alignment. When she's out of alignment she screams all. day. long. Evenings are still a little bit rough, but I think it's mainly because she gets super overtired. I'm trying my hardest to read her signals better!

I feel like a horrible mother when we're in the car. She still wants to nurse to sleep, and this includes in the car. Obviously I can't nurse her when we're riding in the car... so I give her a taste of hard candy or a tiny bit of whatever I'm drinking, then shove the paci back in her mouth....usuallly it works wonders... but it's something I always said I would NEVER do.

Then again, I also said I would never bedshare. Carl was all for it, while I said that I wasn't comfortable with it. My my how things change once baby shows up!! I'm still nervous about it when Carl and I are (*gasp!*) actually in the same bed, but I keep my arm around her, and he is extremely aware of her being in the bed with us. She generally starts off the night in her pack n play and then moves to my bed when she wakes for a feeding. The last 2-3 nights she's slept 5-6 hours at a time!!!! I'm trying not to get used to it, but loving the extra sleep!

I'm having some cluster headaches this evening, and Keevs is fast asleep on my lap, so I believe I'm going to lay her down and take out my contacts, brush my teeth, and join her in dreamland.

Coming soon: A "Shaina's Must Haves" of baby gear!

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