Thursday, January 14, 2010

I apologize..

for this blog becoming a lot about weight loss and a little about Keevia... but in reality, I need to get this stuff off my chest, and I'm sure she would understand.

She's currently snoozing in her swing... she likes the swing we got for free from someone at our old church. She despises the swing I paid $50 for at a yard sale that was cute and soft and played music and had lights and swinging bears... So, alas, she sleeps in this one and we're going to re-sale the other one.

I made it all evening without any milk, and so far, except for the milk in my coffee, I haven't had any today. I'm not being SUPER strict about it... I'm just trying to cut the huge amounts of milk I consumed down. I'm not reading the labels of everything I eat, ransacking it for the many disguises of milk though. I already do that with high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils... honestly, I want to be able to eat SOME pre-made food (although as a family we try to avoid anything overly processed. I meant like graham crackers).

I DID work out today!!! I feel it to. I tried not to over do it, but woah, the muscles in my back are complaining a little. My Mom purchased a machine called the "NeoShaper" and it's pretty cool You can do a variety of different exercises on it by just moving things around. She also purchased the bike attachment, which we have yet to try out. When I come home on weekends I would love to use it, and then use 30 Day Shred at my apartment. In all honesty, I would love for the Mommy Fairy to get me a Wii Fit as well, but I pay the bills and I know THAT ain't happening.

Carl has been getting stellar hours this week though... He worked from 4am-3pm with an hours lunch both on Monday and Wednesday. Of course he only worked 1 day last week for 4 hours though, so it doesn't really make up much. But.. We'll make it.

My weight is laying on my heart so heavily (no pun intended). I've never been as uncomfortable about my appearance before in my life. I've never hated having my picture taken quite like I do right now.

I'm taking actions to rectify the situation though. And slowly, but surely, I'll get there.

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