Sunday, January 31, 2010

McFatty Monday Week 5

Alright. Let me start out by ranting. Then I'll put my current weight at the end, and the weight I started out McFatty Monday at, and you'll see why I ranted.

Weight loss is a battle. It's a struggle. Everyone knows this, right? But not many people talk about how it's a battle every day. It's a struggle every day. And not just every day, but every minute of every day.

It's so hard. SO hard to diet. And with a new baby, it's so hard to exercise. And I'm trying not to whine here, but fibromyalgia sucks worse than giving birth. I am so not even kidding. I went natural. Fibro SUCKS. It makes exercising such a pain, because the normal sore muscles take twice as long to get over and if you over do it you're laid up for days. BUT, if you exercise regularly and don't overdo it... You end up feeling better.

But now, I have a cold. I weigh 224.2 pounds, and I'm DETERMINED to get down to 220 by this weekend. This is much easier to do since I'm not at Mom's, and therefore don't have tons of tasty food in front of me.

However, I go back to Mom's next week and will be there for an undetermined amount of time. Must. Rediscover. Willpower.


  1. Well I lose the struggle when it comes to eating right. I went from 133 back up to 138...and You know I would be okay with my weight if I just managed to tighten my tummy. We can do this though! We will get to the weight we want!!

  2. Hi. I came here from MckMama's community and happened to see you have fibromyalgia. Can you email me? I have a ton of symptoms but haven't gone to the doctor yet, basically something is wrong for sure. I would just like to talk to someone who has been there done that through being diagnosed. Thanks in advance.
    mrsroberts 08 @ hotmail. com (leave out spaces)


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