Monday, January 25, 2010

McFatty Monday Week 4!

Well. The scale says I weigh 2 more pounds than I did last week.

Surprising? Not really. I haven't followed my diet plan AT ALL. This has been a hard week for me. I'm a planner, and things have started cropping up, and its hard for me not to freak the heck out because I don't have a plan.

HOWEVER - Carl keeps asking how much weight I've lost, and says I LOOK like I've lost weight, and I've noticed my belly seems to be a little flatter. I may try on my largest pair of pre-pregnancy pants tomorrow when we head back to the apartment.

It's so hard for me to follow my diet when I stay at Mom's. She just has more snack food/better food, so if its there, I eat it. I even had some pop this week while not out and about (as per the plan).

My goals for next week:
- NOT to have another gain.
- Drink more water, I slacked on this one this week
- STOP EATING SWEETS!!! Limit to Edy's Peppermint Ice cream every other day
- DO NOT EAT AFTER 8:30 PM unless you haven't eaten since like 4!!

Blair (the founder of McFatty Mondays) was talking about emotional eating. I don't think I'm an emotional eater perse, but, I think I eat when I feel bad. I've mentioned on this blog before that I have fibromyalgia (as does my Mom). We've both mentioned that on days when our fibro "flares up" (I.E. We experience strong fibro symptoms), we both get the munchies. BAD. Unfortunately for me, this week has been a really bad fibro week. Whenever the weather changes (it goes from hot to cold, it rains, a front moves through), my fibro acts up, and this has been a week of weather changes. I'm sitting here right now, typing, and my wrists and fingers and shoulders and back hurt. I've had insomnia for the past couple of nights, I've had headaches. It sucks.

So, I guess another goal would be to back up off of the fibro munchies. Ugh, that ones not easy.

Oh, and since we didn't make it to the apartment last week, this is my new goal for this week, IF we make it to the apartment, I'm cracking open the plastic wrap on my Jillian Michael's DVD and at least putting that sucker in the DVD player.

Shew, I'm already sweating from the imagined effort of that act.


  1. I had a gain too. Boo! :[ We can do this! I hope you have a great week!

  2. some weeks are just better than others, you know? me? i had an awful week too. but the beauty of that is that i can start over this week. and setting goals is the way to go. so good luck this week!

  3. Have you tried skinny cow ice creams? The are soooo good and just about 150 calories instead of 300 or 350 than the regular ones.

    Good luck!!


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