Monday, January 18, 2010

Is that a light I see?

At the end of the tunnel called colic?

Keevia has had a GREAT day today. We had gone through 3 poopy diapers by about 9 am (none of them were HUGE poops, but we changed her when we thought she was done. Obviously we were wrong.) Then she napped... nursed, had a photo shoot, nursed again, let Mommy take a shower while she chilled in the bouncer, napped and nursed...see a pattern? I'm trying to teach her that she does not have to scream bloody murder to nurse, as well as read her tired cues better.

Now, that whole, reading the tired cues works great WHEN SHE GOES TO SLEEP. Right now she's screaming in the living room while my Mom rocks her, because Mom is spelling me. I gave her a bath around 8, and she hasn't gone to sleep yet other than tiny little cat naps. She doesn't seem to be gassy or anything, just super-overtired.

But, overall, today has been marginally better than other days.

Yesterday, she discovered the mobile at church, and was so enthralled by it that it lead me to a frantic internet search, where I located one for $10 from Wal-mart on clearance. SCORE. So, that should come soon. I'm going to invest in some white noise for the car-rides, as well as for colic time... hopefully those spells get less and less!

I leave you with pictures from our photoshoot today!

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