Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend wonders!

I had a wonderful weekend!

One of my best friends, and bridesmaid, Kat, drove up from Newnan, GA to meet Keevia. She brought her 2 1/2 year old son, Aiden along with her, as well as her friend Amanda, Amanda's daughter Destiny, and Amanda's boyfriend, Kevin.

It was great. I hadn't seen her since August of 08 (when my Mom and I drove down to GA for a Backstreet Boys concert, gotta represent). We haven't been able to talk as much as we used to (we met online), but we still manage to remain good friends.

I don't have many "close" friends, and in our current town I have even fewer... so it was very nice to get out to a mall with my husband and some girlfriends and just hang out.

We were pretty funny... I took my stroller (which Keevia spent all of about 7 minutes in), mainly to carry coats and diaper bags and such... and then they both rented strollers from the mall. We had so many coats, blankets, diaper bags, etc that they were ALL full. And the strollers they rented had cars in the front (pink ones, yes, Aiden picked out a pink princess one), with a buggy feature in the back. Aiden ended up napping in my stroller as it actually laid back.

We went to the Disney store, which I cannot wait to go in when we have a little money, and Keevia is old enough to pick something out! I can just imagine what fun we'll have with her running around choosing stuffed animals!

Speaking of stuffed animals, Aunt Kat brought Keevia a baby Eyeore and a baby Tigger, and then bought her a bunny rabbit from Build-A-Bear that we named Katbunny (creative, I know). She's dressed in a Disney Princess t-shirt, jean over-alls and a pair of cowboy boots. Sooooo my child's stuffed animal, ha!

I think we had a great time together, I just wish it had been warmer and that we'd had more time together. Both Kat and Amanda start school tomorrow, so I understand time crunches!

I swear pictures are coming soon, I'm at my Mom's now (to take Keevia to the chiropractor), and she has a card reader. I need to post her smiling picture from the car today... too cute!

Have a great Sunday y'all!

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  1. Dude...I am jealous. lol...seriously though when you are going to be in town on a weekend you need to save me from the confines of these four walls! I think about coming over at times when you are in but I don't want to bug you. You did take pictures of Aiden riight? I wanna see them if you did! And your thingie is being mean about posting comments...seriously you have to hit tab to do the little dohicky word thingie.


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