Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why hello 5 am...

It's not very nice to see your daughters eyeballs at 5 am in the morning. Not very nice at all.

Any of you that know me in real life know that I am the epitome of "not a morning" person. I hate mornings. HATE THEM. But, alas, at 5 am this morning, when my daughter woke up to eat, she decided she wasn't going to go fully back to sleep.

I didn't have to get up with her until around 8, but she, nor I, rested well from 5-8. We both were a little cranky this morning.

We went to church, I nursed her during the singing, then she pretty much slept through the rest. She's been sleepy all day though, I think because she didn't sleep well last night/didn't have her normal 2+ hour nap.

She's been asleep, on and off, since about 7 pm tonight though. She woke up around 9 something with a dirty diaper, but she nursed back down. Her belly still seems to be doing SO much better!

Tomorrow, I'm hoping I can let her get a good morning nap in before Mom and I go traipsing through town looking at mobile homes again. That's what we spent the majority of the day on Saturday doing. We're looking to buy a 2-3 bedroom mobile home, preferably a Deer Valley, as that seems to be the most sturdily built. But, we can't buy anything until at least April. We'll have to see.

Okay, this is one ginormous ramble. I need to go to bed so I can wake up at 2 am to make sure Carl gets up for work and give him a goodbye kiss. I will be so happy if he gets a job with different/better hours!

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