Monday, March 14, 2011


No, not the TV show.

Blair, at Heir to Blair (who, by the way, is the reason I always do weightloss posts on Monday), discussed how she read an article in a magazine (normally read by menopausal women, just sayin') by Dr. Oz that encouraged people to take their weight loss journeys 24 hours at a time.

Well. Duh.

That point may seem rather obvious, but I to admit, after reading her post, I had an AHA! moment.

Of COURSE you should take it 24 hours at a time. Of COURSE. I've been trying to take it a week at a time, and I've been failing miserably. I do okay on Monday and Tuesday, but by Thursday (at the latest) I'm completely useless.

So this week, I'm taking it day by day. TODAY I will exercise. TODAY I will drink enough water. TODAY I will eat well.

And tomorrow? Tomorrow I'll do the same. But I'll worry about that tomorrow.

Oh, and BA? You should have seen MY "stepping out on Saturday outfit." It makes yours look classy. :)

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