Thursday, March 24, 2011

Never Say Never: Sweets

As I'll confess later today... My Never Say Never this week has to do with sugar.

When  I was pregnant, I swore I would never give my child unrefined sugar until she was at LEAST three years old. I swore I'd make her first birthday cake from honey and other more natural sweeteners.

Fast forward to when she's born.... yeah...
When she was itty bitty, she would scream BLOODY MURDER in the car seat. So, to get her to take her paci (and therefore go to sleep), I used to coat her paci in peppermint candy. It would calm her down enough to take the paci.

Graham Crackers became staples in our kids diet. It was the first thing she could hold on to and chew on at the same time. Ice cream is also a treat she enjoys. And her first birthday cake? I did bake it from scratch, but it definitely had refined sugar in it!

We do still greatly limit the amount of sugar she receives, but are much more lenient than I once planned!

What have you done that you said you would never do?
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