Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pillow Mattress Talking

This past weekend my husband, daughter, and I went to the closest big city to do some shopping. We really did a lot of looking, but, you know. We scouted out some places that carry mattresses, as we're currently on the market for a new one.

Keevia likes to sleep with Mommy sometimes. When her teeth hurt, or she's had a bad day, or she's sick... she comes in bed with us. The only problem is that in our current queen bed, she kicks Daddy to the couch (or the guest bed) to do so. Oh, we all fit (barely), but she likes her sprawl room, so she kicks and whines and cries until Daddy gets up, then she rolls to his side of the bed and goes to sleep.

See why this is called "The Divas Mom"?

On another note though, we're also in the market for a new mattress, because for some strange reason, after 3 years, our mattress is NOT holding up. After research, we found out that when my Mom purchased it as a wedding present, she unknowingly purchased the lowest quality that our brand makes.

So, we went looking. First, we went to a place called "Overflow". VERY nice customer service. The guy personally showed us all the mattresses and described each one to us. Very reasonable prices as well.

Then we went to a store called "Overstock" (not to be confused with the online business!). There was a mattress there that Carl LOVED and desperately wanted. It was the last one they had, a king, and on HUGE clearance because of a "cosmetic blemish". We laid down on it, then looked around for an employee to help us. There were numerous employees milling around. We flagged one down and asked "What exactly is the cosmetic blemish?" Without even SLOWING down his walk, he said "It's on the floor. You have to find it."

Well then, okay. I looked it over, and couldn't find anything. We still wanted to ask some more questions though. We flagged down someone else "Just a minute" was there reply. Now, from my super-awesome eavesdropping skills, I knew that they were in the process of selling a $2000+ couch to a family on the other side of the room. But really, does that take FIVE employees?

We waited another 15 or so minutes for someone to "help" us, and no one even offered. When we left Carl was MAD. I wasn't surprised.

You see, we fit into a stereotype. A stereotype that means we obviously have no means of purchasing anything, so why bother to talk to us? Carl had on khaki shorts, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes, he currently has a scruffy beard. I had on flip-flops, jeans, a 'dressy' shirt, and a fleece jacket, my hair (which is always crazy) was down and in my face. We had a toddler running around. We're in our twenties.

The people in the next room who were purchasing the couch? They all had on designer clothes, impeccable hair & makeup, and big huge Coach purses. And they were financing the couch. Obviously we don't fit the mold that they normally see. But you know what? I could have written a check for that mattress that day if we'd wanted it. We have saved up and planned and decided we need a new mattress. I wouldn't have had to have financed it.

That's okay though, the Overflow people will likely get my money. The customer is always right sometimes holds true. As does "Don't judge a book by its (albeit harried) cover.


  1. I totally feel your pain! We've been looking at washers and dryers and we never get a second look from sales people. So irritating!! We purchased a new mattress last year. Our new one from when we first got married (less than three years then) was shot. Obviously, we bought a crappy one! We did a lot of research and ended up buying a serta memory foam set for around $400 from Big Lots. They don't carry them all the time, but when they do have them they sell almost immediately. We love it. I sleep so much better (well, when I'm not pregnant!) on it than any other mattress. Not sure how you feel about memory foam, but I recommend it!

  2. Oh I hate it when places like that stereotype and give awful customer service. A customer is a customer and should be treated like a guest.

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