Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wee Essentials Review

So, I never ever win anything. Like, EVER. I enter giveaways ALL the time to no avail. It's been like that my entire life. True story. But I never give up hope!

This time last year, I entered some giveaways on my friend Stephanie's blog. And I won! Two in a ROW! I won a gift certificate to both Wee Essentials and Angel Baby Earth Mama. For whatever reason, I used my EMAB gift card, but never redeemed my Wee Essentials. Well, I followed WE on facebook & twitter for the whole year, and a few weeks ago, the owner hosted a giveaway on her facebook page. And I entered. Cuz honestly? I enter EVERYTHING I can, ha! It was for 3 Ooga Booga pantyliners. I've been contemplating doing "mama cloth" for a while, as the chemicals in pads make me break out. I have to wear pantyliners a LOT because of the PCOS (and an excess of fluid) and if I'm blessed to be pregnant again anytime soon, I'll need them even worse! So, I entered.

AND I WON. I was sooooo excited. Like everyone else, our finances are tight right now. When she contacted me for my address, I asked if I could still use my gift card, and she said sure!

So, in the mail today, I received:
3 Ooga Booga Pantyliners
1 Tie Dyed Panty Liner
A Medium Jar of Cherry Vanilla SoapBits
A Sample of Rice Flower & Shea soap bits
An organic sucker (which Keevia may or may not get to taste..)
And a hand-written note.

All wrapped up in tissue paper and tied with twine. Honestly, I squealed when I opened the package. The panty-liners are SO STINKING CUTE, and look like they would work really, really well. They're super soft flannel  and a dark color so that your, eh, accidents don't show up too badly.

The soap bits smell DIVINE. I cannot WAIT to use them as a cloth wipe solution! I also didn't realize you could use them as refills for foaming hand soap. HELLO HEAVEN.

I just love how personal and cute she makes everything. Just stinkin adorable. She's excellent to work with, has outstanding customer service, and great product. If you're in the market for Mama Cloth, soap bits, chaptstick, or even natural sinus relief, PLEASE check her store out!

DISCLAIMER: I received the items in the post via a giveaway. The owner of the store in no way, shape, or form asked me to write this. I was merely shocked and amazed by the level of service I received, and the quality of the product and wanted to share it with all my peeps. Happy now Mr.Government Officials?

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