Thursday, March 17, 2011

Never Say Never Blog Hop!

I've been thinking recently, that in my life, there are a lot of things I'm doing that I said I would never do. So, I decided to create this weekly (or bi-monthly maybe) blog hop.

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So, here's the deal. You steal that button, and post it in your post. Or you link back to this post in your post. Or both. I don't care. But then you come back here and link up with the handy-dandy linky at the bottom! If i don't follow you, leave me a comment and I'll make sure to when I stop by your blog!

I never understood why kids had DVD players in the backseat of cars. I grew up just fine relying strictly on the radio and a good book. I swore and declared that my child would NEVER have a DVD player in the car. It was useless!

My daughters DVD player arrived on Tuesday. She's 16 months.

Why, you may ask, did I go back on my word? My daughter despises night-time travel. DESPISES it. She will scream and cry, even if I'm in the backseat with her. She's made herself sick before. She's fiiiiine during the day. She'll sleep in her carseat, she'll talk to us, she'll look at books or play with her toys, or just watch the scenery. But come night time? oh no. She's a different person. The ONLY way to calm her is to sit back in the back with her and let her watch Sprout Podcasts on my iPod. I can only take Sprout commercials for so long.

So, I bought her a DVD player. I'm hoping that this solves our nighttime screaming. I was scared that I would have to drive somewhere with her by myself at night, and not have a way of comforting her. It'll be limited to night-time use, but hopefully will be a lifesaver! Plus, if we go to the shop and she gets tired, she can watch it there as well.

So yes, let me turn in my AP card for allowing my toddler to watch TV. Even in the car.

What do YOU do that you said you'd never do? If you don't have a blog, feel free to leave a comment! If you have a blog, link up!

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  1. LOL.

    This is parenting. Sometimes there are reasons for doing things we never thought we would.

    We are pretty much the same way with Melilla. I refuse to keep one in the car, but if we are going on a longer trip or something we almost always bring some movies along. It helps her pass the time while we listen to Old Time Radio shows on the iPod (which she hates).


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