Friday, March 18, 2011

Woah, It's FRIDAY?

Don't you just hate daysweeks where you don't really have anything to show, but you feel like you've done nothing but be on the run?

Yeah, me too.

I may have mentioned it before... Mom and I both suffer from fibromyalgia. This was a tough week. We've noticed that when the weather is changing, or a front is coming in, that our pain goes up dramatically. Monday or Tuesday (I don't remember) was one of the worst days I've had in a while. I get the "fibrobrain" which is our term for fuzzy-headedness, and being unable to think of words. When this happens, I have a hard time doing things... like cooking, or trying to write freelance.

As the week went on, I was slowly more aware, ha! But it was a struggle. And I hate that. I hate that Mom and I have to struggle on a daily basis to perform activities that most people don't find daunting. A trip to the grocery store can be devastating if they have the air-conditioning too high (getting chilled makes the symptoms worse). A handful of errands causes the whole day to be lost because of the recovery period after the errands! It's ridiculous!

Both Mom and I need to exercise more frequently. For me, it's reaching a critical point. I refuse to buy clothes in a larger size than what I have now, but I'm beginning to run out of clothes. Exercise is SO hard with fibro. If you do too much, you can't exercise the next day. Exercising makes the fibro better, but you have to walk a fine line.

It's such a frustrating disease (disorder?). Everyone expects you to just take a pill and move on, but I'm sorry. A pill does not cure all ills. I would rather suffer pain than be on something that changes my personality, or becomes addictive. So I stick with ibuprofen.

One plus, when it came time to have my baby girl, everyone thought I was crazy for going all natural, and few people thought I'd do it. I knew I would. I know pain. Fibromyalgia, ovarian cysts, two knee operations, back problems... and you think labor's difficult?

This post has no point. It's merely musings about a difficulty that rules my life some weeks, and some weeks I rule it. Lets hope next week is one of those weeks.

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  1. I am so sorry you've had "flair ups(?)" recently! I will certainly remember you in my prayers!


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