Saturday, March 5, 2011

Feeeeeeeeeeeever... in the morning... Fever all through the night...

I have a fever. I think it's contagious.

Not Bieber fever, not a fever that needs more cowbell, and not a fever that raises the numbers on the thermometer.

I have baby fever.

Every time I get on facebook it seems there are more and more pregnant bellies and pregnancy announcements. And I badly want to join them.

We're ready to be pregnant with number two, we're just trying to have it done on God's timing, not ours. We hadn't been actively trying, but we haven't been doing anything to prevent it either.

Once I start my period, I'm going to chart again. My cycles are all screwed up because of this lovely PCOS, and I'd like to at least have an idea when I'm ovulating. Since I had Keevia my cycles have switched from 28 days to 64 days. Yeah...

So it may take us a while... and we're okay with that. I think my little girl is finally big enough to be a big sister (especially since it'll take another 9 months once we get a positive!), and I'm confident in being able to take care of two. Now just comes the waiting, and praying, game.

God knows whats best, and I accepted that a long time ago, now I'm just praying that his timing, and our timing, aren't completely against each other.


  1. Hey there! Just found you through MBC and wanted to say hi! I'm a veteran of wacko cycles (Princess #1 was conceived on an 80 day cycle!) and temping. I know how hard it is to be patient! Best of luck to you!

  2. Keevia is a doll! Good luck ttc #2! And the beginning of this post was funny...cowbell...favorite SNL skit of all time.

    also, I'm interested in the "Rows for Remembrance" - I both knit and crochet, but I'll have to look at the pattern to see if I can do it! Never followed a pattern. Will e-mail you!

  3. Good luck TTC baby # 2. Sometimes, going all naturally and letting God decide is best. Much less stressful. :-)

    I have a really awesome app on my iPod Touch that charts my periods. It's called Period Tracker Lite, it's free, but it helps gauge when you are most fertile and ovulating :-)

    Best wishes. Following back now :-)
    Hip Chick's Guide to PMS, Pregnancy, and Babies

  4. ahhh, what a sweetie pie you've got! I'm looking at a pic of her on your side bar :) babies are such a gift from God....hoping, too, that yours and God's timing are one in the same! <3


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