Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Toddler Must Haves

When Keevia was like, what, two months old? I did two (well, three) posts on "Keevia's Must Haves" and "What Not To Waste Your Money On" as well as one where I freaked out because I forgot baby carriers.

So now, I'm doing a Toddler Must Haves. I don't know if I'll think of anything that falls into the Toddler What Not to Waste Money On... we'll see. For the picky people... I was not compensated in any way, shape, or form for any of these products. I bought them all myself (or had them bought for me by family members). I am receiving nothing for linking to any of these brands, I just really, really like them. That is all.

1. Robeez Shoes. I know the pricetag is high. I have yet to buy a pair of Robeez for retail price. Once Upon a Child and Spot's Corner are your friend. I've spent $12 on a pair as my absolute most expensive ones....and Keevia wears them on a daily basis, so I see them as a good investment! Now, granted, Keevia has one pair of "big" shoes, hard rubber soles, so that when it's rainy and muddy she can walk around outside. But 90% of the time, she's in her Robeez.  She had only 1 pair in the previous size (6-12 months) but she currently has 3 pairs in 12-18. I need to start looking for 18-24 months!

2. Baby Carrier. I personally LOVE and recommend the Boba, Beco and Ergo. I seriously cannot say enough good, positive things about these. They let me get housework done. They let me shop. They let me do ANYTHING other than sit on the couch cuddling a fussy baby. Love. Love. LOVE THEM.

3. Lightweight Stroller. I know I said before that I thought you could live without a stroller. I still think that. However, if you feel the need to have a stroller (and hey, I have 2...)I recommend forgoing a big burly one, and getting a smaller, lighter weight one. We have a Chicco Liteway and I LOVE it. A Maclaran is another good brand. We chose the Chicco above the Maclaran because the Chicco reclines fully, wheras the Maclaran does not. It was a big deal to me when I bought it, and I couldn't be happier. Keevia has taken many of a nap in that stroller! My only complaint is that the wheels stick quite a bit. If I'd had the money, I would have LOVED a Bumbleride Indie.  Watch the second hand stores, especially if you're a Maclaran fan! I've seen numerous ones there!

4. High Chair/Booster. We did have a big HUGE high chair. I hated it. I now have a Summer Booster seat. I'm not CRAZY about it, because it doesn't have a tray... but Keevia can eat at the table with us now, which, once I get my butt in gear and clean it off better, is actually a big plus. Oh, and PS, check your local Big Lots... I paid $20 for mine!

5. Play Kitchen - Maybe not a MUST have, but it's been a huge hit for Keevia. We got her this one (or, well, we picked it out and Mamaw got her this one) because it grows with them. It fits her perfectly right now, and it'll grow with her as she gets taller. She loves it. Plus, if you have a super sweet aunt who makes you felt food for Christmas... all the better!

Other random things I love:
I love certain brands of clothes for Keevia. I'm a thrift store gal, so I buy what I can find. I'm sorry, but I doubt there will ever be a time where I will shell out $30 for one piece of clothing for her. Brands I like are as follows:
Baby Gap /Old Navy -- Very similar because they're made by the same company. I loves them. SUPER soft fabric and it totally wears well.
Garanimals - I don't love this brand in general, but I ADORE their pants. Both the sweats and their faux jeans. Keevia probably wore the jeans 4 days out of 7 this past winter.
Jumping Beans - I can usually score these for $1.50-2.00 at OUAC. I LOVE them because they fit over Keevia's head without a fight. They always either have buttons in the back, or buttons in the front, or are a little lower cut (with a demure thing that makes it not look scandalous). Other shirts I have to put a size up on her just to get them over her big noggin, but these I can actually put her in her size! 
Carters - Still, mainly, for their sleepers. I love both the fleece ones and the cotton two piece. The fit is just better on them than any other brand!

Toddlers are just easier than babies. You need a lot less stuff! There's stuff like sippies and things that I use on a daily basis, but that's really just personal preference. We like NUK's (of course my child would take one of the more expensive ones!). But that's pretty much my only NEEDs. She's still in her carseat from my last post (Britax Boulevard).  If we get pregnant again soon, I'll probably be purchasing a Sunshine Kids Radian for Keevia and then kiddo number two will inherit her Britax! We'll just have to see!

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    I'm a SAHM as well and I'm not trying to advertise, but just try to make people aware of a toddler must-have. It's a sippy cup strap with a removable suction cup. My 13 month old loves throwing everything everywhere! It's great because it can literally work anywhere. Just google it if you are interested. I think that's a must-have for the toddler years!


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