Thursday, March 24, 2011

Toddler Reset Button

Toddlers have tantrums. That's no news to anyone. My toddler is getting especially good at the foot stamping, head thrown back, screaming her head off tantrums!

The past two days, Miss Priss has decided that naps are for losers. Therefore, this is what I see a lot.

I've found out, however, in the past day, that if you head off the tantrums, that they don't seem to be as bad. Oh, they still happen, but instead of being 30 minutes of inconsolable toddler drama, it usually is only around 5. I'm sure that this distraction method is also common knowledge!

The majority of our tantrums are caused by teething right now. It can be expected! When you have 6-7 teeth coming in at once (I'm not real sure of the number, she never opens her mouth long enough!), it's difficult to be good all the time! I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of our amber teething necklace.

Anyway, with the teeth kicking our butts, tantrums are running high. Our current way of making them go away? Well, it has me handing in my AP card.

Step 1. Get a orange Sherbert Push Up. Feed to child.
Step 2. Turn on Wiggles.

The sugar revs her up, the cold soothes her teeth, and the Wiggles make her zone out. Once she "resets" herself, she acts normally. There are other reset methods we use as well... change of scenery, stripping off her clothes, tickling her when she tries to throw herself backwards off my lap...

What is (or was) your toddlers reset button?

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  1. Ahhhh....tantrums. Don't you just love it? So much fun. My two year old is throwing her share lately, mainly about food. She is always into the pantry, pulling out a "juice box" (which are meant for the kids' lunches at school, not snacks at home) But she toddles out of the pantry, holding a CapriSun juice pouch, and will say, "Pweeze, I have juice box? Pweeeze?" and if I try to say "No..let's put this back, it's for the kids' lunches..." she will turn from that sweet little thing into the child from you-know-where and will scream and kick. Ugh, it can be such a battle.

    I have a "Stylish Blogger Award" for you over at my blog today...because I just love your style here :) Come check it out when you get a chance!


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