Monday, March 14, 2011

The one where I stuff toys down my bra....

I'm posting about Blair a lot today, but y'all, she's hilarious. She recently wrote a post about toy scalping. You should read it. In the post (if you're lazy and don't want to read it....)she talks about her sons attachment to a stuffed monkey, and her desperate search for a standin monkey, you know, in case monkey ever bit the dust.

She found one. On Ebay. For $75. Yeeks.

I wrote this little bit of wisdom on her blog:
"I WISH my child would take a lovey. At this point I would pay $75 for her to! Her lovey is my boobs. I’m not joking. Her hand shoots down my shirt whenever she’s tired, feels stressed, is hurt… ANYTHING. And she has to rub them to go to sleep. We’re working on going to sleep on her own in her crib, and I currently have to pull my bra off, lean over, pull my shirt down so my boobs are exposed, and let her rub them to go to sleep. We’re trying to get pregnant… I don’t think haulin’ a pregnant belly over the crib railing is going to work."

And y'all, I so would. We're almost weaned (yes, don't worry, a post is coming about that later), but she has to rub my boobs to fall asleep. She worries them just like some kids worry a lovie. If she's sleeping with me, that's what she goes to to comfort herself. It doesn't usually bother me, but when it takes her upwards of 45 minutes to fall asleep... I think I'm going to scream.

Plus, we really are trying to get her to go to sleep in her own crib. We're currently waiting on the 6-7 teeth she has coming through to show themselves though, because, well, that's just mean.

Meet "TipTop" which is obviously going to need a new name soon.
I have decided that this is going to be Keevia's lovie. I scored it on Amazon for like $7 (I was trying to get my free super saver shipping, as I stupidly let my Amazon Mom Prime run-out, LAME!).

I'm going to be desperate about this y'all. I'm going to sleep on her sheets. I'm going to stuff this little fellow down my bra and make a BIG DEAL about it when it gets here. I'm praying she takes to it. She loves her pacifier and her Mommy. I want her to love a stuffed animal as well.

So yes. I'm desperate. I will stuff random things down my bra for them to have that magic momma scent. I would crawl into her crib if I thought it would help. Or, you know, if I thought I could get back out.

Anyone have any ideas for a name for this thing?


  1. How about Stretch? Ya know, to tie in with the boobs thing? At least, I know after having kids, I could call my boobs Stretch! ;) Oh, and because it's a giraffe...

    Cute! Can't wait to hear how it turns out!

  2. I'm going to vote for "Buster"


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